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Washington Post

Who will play Donald Trump in Hillary Clinton's debate prep? Here are 6 ideas.
Washington Post
Franken is also an emerging presence on the national stage, and was even mentioned as a potential vice presidential pick for Hillary Clinton. Insiders seem to think he makes a lot of sense. After Stat's Dylan Scott tweeted this request Thursday ...
Trump accuses Clinton of rigging debate schedulePolitico

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Donald Trump Says Hillary Clinton 'Doesn't Know How to Win'
ABC News
Donald Trump fired back at Hillary Clinton a day after she accused the Republican nominee of being too thin-skinned to have control of the country's nuclear arsenal, saying she "doesn't know how to win." In a combative Democratic National Convention ...
Hillary Clinton Leads Donald Trump in the Polls Post Democratic National ConventionNewsweek
Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump Eye Pennsylvania PrizeWall Street Journal
The central difference between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump comes down to two wordsWashington Post
Daily Caller -New York Post -Los Angeles Times
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What Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton Will Learn in Classified Briefings
Partisan concern over Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton handling classified information has created a public debate over whether they deserve to receive briefings from intelligence officials—a tradition that dates back more 60 years. The process ...
Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton to Get Intelligence BriefingsNew York Times
Trump, Clinton to receive intel briefings despite oppositionCNN
Petition to deny Donald Trump intel briefings passes 100K signatures; Hillary Clinton's lagsOregonLive.com
New York Post -NEWS.com.au -Huffington Post -CREDO Action
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Los Angeles Times

TV viewership for Hillary Clinton's acceptance speech is smaller than Donald Trump's
Los Angeles Times
Hillary Clinton's acceptance speech Thursday at the Democratic National Convention pulled in just under 34 million viewers, falling short of Donald Trump's audience from July 21. The 10 p.m. ET slot that featured Hillary Clinton's speech, a ...
After Hillary Clinton's takedown of Donald Trump, will any Republicans be with her?Chicago Tribune
Trump's “I” vs. Hillary's “We”: A Choice Between Two Different Visions of the PresidencySlate Magazine
Hillary Clinton Rips Donald Trump For “Bigotry & Bombast” In DNC SpeechDeadline
Business Insider -CBS News -Wall Street Journal
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Huffington Post

Donald Trump Is 'Starting To Agree' Hillary Clinton Should Be Locked Up
Huffington Post
Donald Trump ventured into new political territory on Friday when he told supporters in Colorado Springs that his opponent, Hillary Clinton, should be thrown in jail. “I've been saying, 'Let's just beat her on November 8th.' But you know what? I'm ...
Clinton, Kaine launch battleground state tour, while Trump hits back with attacksWashington Post
Donald Trump speech beats Hillary Clinton in TV viewershipThe Sun Chronicle
Donald Trump warns the gloves are off against Hillary Clinton in presidential race: "No more Mr. Nice Guy"Mirror.co.uk
The Hill (blog) -The Guardian
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Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton Campaigns Invited to White House Transition Meetings
White House Chief of Staff Denis McDonough formally invited Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton to begin preparing for taking over the White House, as the presidential transition process enters a new phase for the now-official party nominees. In separate ...
Trump's acceptance speech beats Hillary Clinton's in TV viewershipQ13 FOX

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The Boston Globe

Trump is hoping women aren't a lost cause
The Boston Globe
Bill and Chelsea Clinton waxed at length in their Democratic National Convention speeches this week on Hillary Clinton's specific qualities as a wife, mother, and grandmother. Clinton and her running mate, Tim Kaine, embarked on a bus tour Friday of ...

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Kudlow: Trump knows you can't tax your way into prosperity
Donald Trump, on the other hand, has received only $19,000 from hedge funds. Get it? Citizens United, according to Hillary, is the source of our weak recovery and must be overturned. Meanwhile, she is the big beneficiary of the Supreme Court decision ...

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Donald Trump & RNC Top Hillary Clinton & Final Night Of DNC In Viewers
(UPDATED WITH FINAL NUMBERS) It looks like Donald Trump is going to take the lead over Hillary Clinton this election – at least when it comes to how many people watched the last night of the Republican National Convention and how many watched the ...
Hillary May Have Won the Convention War, but She Did Not Win the Ratings WarSlate Magazine (blog)
Donald Trump Is Going to Be So Pissed About These DNC and RNC RatingsEsquire.com
Reality TV: Trump beats Hillary in ratings gameWND.com
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Trump's Sarcasm, Hillary's Cynicism
Donald Trump, the Republican standard-bearer, called upon Russia to hack the e-mail of his Democratic opponent, Hillary Clinton, to ferret out the 30-odd-thousand messages gone missing from her private server. Subsequently, the Donald claimed he was ...